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Dear You, You (Need &) Deserve to Have a Planner!

This weekend marks the first wedding I coordinated at The Blueprint Allure. One of the first questions we answered for the job was, "Why should we hire a planner?" Well here's the short answer: You hire a planner to ensure your day is brilliantly produced without worry and stress. 

Like our friends over at Every Last Detail, we feel that every wedding needs a Day-Of Coordinator, if not a planner. You, our couples, and your loved ones should enjoy your big day without worrying about table set-up and whether the florist and caterer show up on time. We believe that it is our duty as the planner/coordinator to ensure your special event is brilliantly and flawlessly produced.

We handle all the behind-the-scenes operations and problem solve when issues arise. And when things do go wrong, you should not have to worry about them. We, as planners, are committed to you whether it is booking vendor appointments or tracking RSVPs. You choose how much you would like us to help with and make sure that your day and the days leading up to it are stress-free and enjoyable.

Having a planner means you make decisions with the help of a professional with wedding and event connections, knowledge, and expertise on your side. We may help with the process, but you are making the final decisions. Simply put, your wish is our command. We are on your side to help you create the wedding and event you are dreaming of.

It occurred to me that We wanted to share the simple reason for you to hire a wedding planner and what we really do. We: 

Photo by L Photographie | Stationary by Pretty Together | Floral by Stems

Photo by L Photographie | Stationary by Pretty Together | Floral by Stems

  • help plan the wedding/event from A-Z (We are your walking wedding and event encyclopedia)
  • help you select reputable vendors
  • assist you when negotiating rates with professional vendors
  • schedule meetings and/or attend meetings with professional vendors
  • review all your contracts to ensure there are no holes in the planning
  • assist you by bringing your theme/style/design together
  • help you with your budget
  • keep you on point in the planning process by providing you with priceless checklists
  • locate venues that fit your budget & style
  • give you advice on invitation etiquette
  • coordinate communication between you and your vendors
  • draw up a detailed timeline/itinerary so that you, your vendors and your family members are all on the same page
  • serve as a referee, budget advisor, etiquette expert, detail manager and organizer
  • coordinate the wedding rehearsal
  • act as a liaison between vendors and family
  • can supervise and coordinate all the details of the event day
  • keep you calm, relaxed and happy

NYC Bridal Fashion Week 2015

Bridal Fashion Week. New York City. Breathtakingly stunning designer gowns in the Big Apple – what more could a budding writer and wedding planner dream of? Nothing, I tell you. Absolutely nothing. As the Editorial Intern for The Knot Magazine, my job was to attend specific shows, obtain the SD memory cards from our photographer and bring them back to the office. After being a witness to the beauty that is BFW, I would be happy doing this for the rest of my life. 

Like Cinderella in a golden carriage on her way to the ball, I found myself on a two-day journey to the most magnificent runway shows and photo shoots that Manhattan had to offer.

Day One: Rivini. As a Midwestern girl, I found myself a bit lost when asked to use the subway system to get to each show. Public transportation isn’t my forte, but I made the best of it and got to the Park Hyatt on 57th Street perfectly on time. No intern salary could prepare me for the Manhattan fashion requirements. If you need any ideas or examples, search Gossip Girl into Google and you’ll find exactly what I’m talking about.

The escorted elevator in the Park Hyatt brought me to the 6th floor where a sign in table awaited me. As I walked closer toward the table, I noticed a man standing nearby. Then, all of a sudden, I place it. Monte from Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta is standing not three feet from me. In shock and awe, I grabbed my program and quickly processed into the ballroom. Across the show, I saw Monte enter with friends and colleagues. I quickly recognized Lori from SYTTD: Atlanta with her signature short hair cut while sporting a classic white pantsuit with a black heel.

I stood against the wall, as directed by the production assistant, but was quickly invited to sit down in a gold chiavari chair to watch the show up front. It was a whirlwind, and I thank my lucky stars for the opportunity to witness such a breathtaking show.

All in all, the show lasted about 10 minutes, which is pretty average for a runway show. I saw incredible gowns up close and personal. I could see the lace detailing on every bodice and each smooth organza skirt. I was speechless. Not only had I just experienced my first runway show, but also it wasn’t a dream. I was a St. Louis girl taking on the city like it was my home.

Day Two: Judd Waddell and JLM Couture. A rainy day brought torrential downpour to my second and last day of NYC Bridal Fashion Week 2015. However, no broken umbrella or soaked shoes would stop me from the Judd Waddell photo shoot in the fashion district of Manhattan. With a rotation of different models, Mr. Waddell kindly presented Martha Stewart Magazine and the Editors from The Knot Magazine with his collection of bridal gowns. Each adorned with unique lace and sparkle elements, his dresses were beyond compare to any I had seen before in my life, in person and on television. 

The photo shoot ended just as quickly as it began, and it was another half-hour long journey in the rain back to the office. Time flew the rest of the day and I was back on the streets of Manhattan to the final show I would attend for Bridal Fashion Week. The JLM Couture fashion show was just a few blocks down from Judd Waddell's studio, which made it easier to find a second go around. 

When I reached 7th Ave, I was greeted by champagne and pleasant smiles. As to wait for the SD memory cards after the show, I watched the show from the perspective of the photographers. A straight head-on view of the wonderfully crafted gowns from multiple designers across Manhattan. Each collection was very unique to the designer, bringing a sense of personality to every gown. Because there were a number of designers contributing to the show, it lasted longer than the others. *sips champagne* With a full round of applause and some heavy sighs of relief from family members in the crowd, the show ended with pride and elegance. I met the photographer for the last time and headed back to the office to complete the end of NYC Bridal Fashion Week. 

To say that the honor of attending Bridal Fashion Week was an experience of a lifetime is an understatement. Who knows, maybe lightning will strike twice.