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Dear You, You (Need &) Deserve to Have a Planner!

This weekend marks the first wedding I coordinated at The Blueprint Allure. One of the first questions we answered for the job was, "Why should we hire a planner?" Well here's the short answer: You hire a planner to ensure your day is brilliantly produced without worry and stress. 

Like our friends over at Every Last Detail, we feel that every wedding needs a Day-Of Coordinator, if not a planner. You, our couples, and your loved ones should enjoy your big day without worrying about table set-up and whether the florist and caterer show up on time. We believe that it is our duty as the planner/coordinator to ensure your special event is brilliantly and flawlessly produced.

We handle all the behind-the-scenes operations and problem solve when issues arise. And when things do go wrong, you should not have to worry about them. We, as planners, are committed to you whether it is booking vendor appointments or tracking RSVPs. You choose how much you would like us to help with and make sure that your day and the days leading up to it are stress-free and enjoyable.

Having a planner means you make decisions with the help of a professional with wedding and event connections, knowledge, and expertise on your side. We may help with the process, but you are making the final decisions. Simply put, your wish is our command. We are on your side to help you create the wedding and event you are dreaming of.

It occurred to me that We wanted to share the simple reason for you to hire a wedding planner and what we really do. We: 

Photo by L Photographie | Stationary by Pretty Together | Floral by Stems

Photo by L Photographie | Stationary by Pretty Together | Floral by Stems

  • help plan the wedding/event from A-Z (We are your walking wedding and event encyclopedia)
  • help you select reputable vendors
  • assist you when negotiating rates with professional vendors
  • schedule meetings and/or attend meetings with professional vendors
  • review all your contracts to ensure there are no holes in the planning
  • assist you by bringing your theme/style/design together
  • help you with your budget
  • keep you on point in the planning process by providing you with priceless checklists
  • locate venues that fit your budget & style
  • give you advice on invitation etiquette
  • coordinate communication between you and your vendors
  • draw up a detailed timeline/itinerary so that you, your vendors and your family members are all on the same page
  • serve as a referee, budget advisor, etiquette expert, detail manager and organizer
  • coordinate the wedding rehearsal
  • act as a liaison between vendors and family
  • can supervise and coordinate all the details of the event day
  • keep you calm, relaxed and happy