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Pop the Bubbly. Let’s Celebrate.

Let us create the perfect blueprint to make your dream event a reality. 

Hannah Leigh Imagery with Rock Paper Scissors and Roses & Mint

Hannah Leigh Imagery with Rock Paper Scissors and Roses & Mint


We are the event architects and engineers whom will turn your dream event into a reality. We design glamorous beauty and elegance in every little detail to make your special day even more memorable.

As a company headed by certified wedding planners, we look forward to making the entire planning process of your incredibly special event as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. 


The Blueprint Allure at Marbella Country Club

The Blueprint Allure at Marbella Country Club

Loic Nichols Photography at Marin Art and Garden Center

Loic Nichols Photography at Marin Art and Garden Center


Every client receives the best, beginning with the complimentary consultation, lasting through the collaborative blueprint and long after the big day, we provide effortless planning in impeccable detail and perfect blueprinting for execution on your special day. We thrive for the perfectly asymmetrical table tops, minute-to-minute timeline, and creating memories that last forever. At Blueprint, we look to design beautiful glamour and elegance in every little detail to make your dream day a reality.

We offer both full-planning as well as day-of wedding packages. 

Here is a BLUEPRINT of what we offer: 

Vendor Management | Personalized Checklist

Preferred Vendor Recommendations | Weekend Exclusivity

Ceremony & Reception: Collaborative Design and Style 

Guest Services: Room blocking, Welcome Gifts, Transportation, Local Activities 

Blueprinting: Room Design, Transportation, Rehearsal, Seating Chart, RSVP Management 

& much more


"WHERE EAST MARRIES WEST"􏰀􏰁􏰂􏰃 􏰀􏰁􏰂􏰃 􏰀􏰀􏰁􏰂􏰃 

Megan Thiele Studios

Megan Thiele Studios

Megan Thiele Studios

Megan Thiele Studios

In additions to weddings, we specialize in modern and traditional Chinese American weddings. From approvals to the tea ceremony to the wedding reception, we help our clients seamlessly integrate traditions and customs with special attention to every detail. We connect our clients to vendors in Hong Kong and the best vendors to host a celebration in the area. We are experts in each beautiful aspect of Chinese Wedding Traditions and we cannot wait to make the entire process a stress-free and breathtaking experience for the couple as well as their family and friends. 

From beginning to end, here is just a BLUEPRINT of services we offer: 

Approvals | Acceptance Letters | Pre-Wedding Ceremony Gifts | Invitations | Wedding Attire 

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Wedding Blueprinting

You have a vision for your wedding day, and seeing that vision perfectly manifested is one of the most breathtaking moments of a lifetime. From start to finish we’re here to guide you through the blueprint process and make sure all the details are covered in advance. There is nothing more important than having the right team to put you at ease as we plan your special occasion. While we have four packages, we know each wedding is different and would love to create a personalized wedding package for you! 

The Month-Of Blueprint and Construction 

Finished all the planning, designing, and vendor selections? Already have your own wedding blueprint? Our Professional Wedding Engineers are ready to step in to ensure every detail of your Blueprint runs seamlessly and tie your vision altogether on your special day. 

The Essential Blueprint and Construction

Have you done some of the planning (budgeting, timing, location, etc.) but would like some assistance in choosing reputable vendors and a little design guidance, as well as a coordinator to keep things organized and running smoothly the day of? 

The Master Blueprint and Full Construction

Want to leave the stress with the architects and engineers, and relax and enjoy the wedding planning process? All you will do is select your preference on the options we, the wedding architects and engineers, offer and we will handle the rest (meetings, details, timing, etc.). We take on the hassle so that you can enjoy the process and focus on the fun stuff. 

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Event Blueprinting 

 From intimate dinner parties to multi-company open houses, The Blueprint Allure can design and coordinate any event! We are here to make your memories last a lifetime. We create, plan, design, organize, and coordinate events to ensure the entire planning process of your incredibly special event as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. We believe in celebrating all of life's 

Here's a BLUEPRINT of some of the services we offer: 

Event Production and Logistics

Vendor Management | Guest Relations

Personalized Checklist | Preferred Vendor Recommendations  

Blueprinting: Programs, Stationary, Production, Budget


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Meet the Family

Hannah Leigh Imagery

Hannah Leigh Imagery

Melody Yeung

Wedding & Event Architect 

Certified Wedding Planner by The Bridal Society and Certified Event Planner and Meeting Manager by San Francisco State University, Melody is the go-to Architect-Engineer, or AE, for any memorable event. Her years of experience with planning weddings, anniversaries,  community fundraisers, and many other special events, combined with her organizational skills, exceptional planning skills, and welcoming personality keep the planning process working and the day of the event seamless. Having been the liaison between host and vendors numerous times, Melody understands what it takes to make the detailed components of the creative process, planning, and organization to make every event unique and extraordinary.

Melody co-founded The Blueprint Allure in 2013 and serves as the Executive Wedding and Event Architect. She is the Regional Director of Missouri for The Bridal Society and a member of ISES (International Special Events Society), NACE (National Association of Catering and Events), and The Rising Tide Society. With any free time, you can find her exploring new places to eat in St. Louis as well as traveling. 


~ be fearless in the pursuit of
what sets your soul on fire. ~

Catharine Conway 



Catharine Conway, a Certified Wedding Planner by The Bridal Society, is a Wedding Planner for The Blueprint Allure. Her many years of hands on experience in the wedding industry makes her the ideal advocate when deciding on vendors, venues and décor. With the best contacts on The Blueprint Allure’s preferred vendor list, your event will be built to the highest standards. As an Architect-Engineer-Contractor, or AEC, it is her mission to customize each event to her client’s needs. In her expertly capable hands, her carefully planned and well-organized events will send ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Hannah Leigh Imagery

Hannah Leigh Imagery

Melany Yeung 

DIY Constructor

Melany is the brains of our DIY projects. From creating a ring bearer’s race car to hanging and rigging a flower wall, She uses her love of physics and hands-on projects to fulfill the wishes of the clients. She prides herself in the creativity of putting together banners, sashes, and constructing functioning items. Her ideal hands-on construction is making projects work with items we currently have and creating something truly original and different for our clients.

Loic Nichols Photography at Marin Art and Garden Center 

Loic Nichols Photography at Marin Art and Garden Center