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Chinese American Weddings

"Where East Marries West"

To us at The Blueprint Allure, every wedding is important. Specifically, we specialize in modern and traditional Chinese American Weddings. To every wedding, Chinese customs are fiercely important with every detail attended to with smooth grace. We are experts in each beautiful aspect of a Chinese-American wedding and we cannot wait to make the entire process a stress-free and breathtaking experience for both families and all relatives involved.

We specialize in every aspect of a Chinese-American wedding from beginning to end.

  • Approvals
  • Acceptance letters
  • Pre-wedding ceremony gifts
  • Wedding invitations
  • Bride and Groom wedding attire
  • Pre-wedding rituals
  • Tea ceremonies
  • Celebratory wedding meals

The Blueprint Allure hopes to make your special day one to remember for the rest of your lives.